In this game, you play as a tired mother who is trying to keep her family fed, happy, and alive. Shear your sheep, purchase items from the shop, and keep the darkness at bay. As the game progresses, you will encounter temptation and evil that asks you the simple question: is your comfort worth more than the lives of your family? 

Three Bags Full received great reviews when it was soft released as a Ludum Dare game. Please keep your eye on this page for updates! This game features branching path dialogue, resource management, and charming art right out of a storybook. 

Game Design, Narrative Design, Art Direction: Robert J. Rappoport 
Art: Jonathan Ying, Parker Fox, Rhiannon R.S. 
Programming: Devin Stiert 
Sound Mixing: David Muto 

Built using Unity. Played through Unity Web Player.

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